"Discover the Edge"

"Discover the Edge"

The Edge Gallery was established in 2008 and is dedicated to the presentation of artwork by regional artists.

 We are committed to exhibiting art that challenges, educates and visually inspires our audience, through historical and contemporary avenues, involving printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and new media.  

Visit The Edge Gallery in historical Inglewood and in Spring Creek, Canmore.

In our Calgary Gallery (map): About Face and Wild Horses
Shelagh Cherak and Maureen Enns
July 9th to August 6th, 2016
Opening Reception:
Saturday July 9th, 1-4pm

The Edge Gallery is excited to bring you it's very first 'Calgary Stampede' exhibition, featuring two well respected and accomplished artists!

Wild Horses - Maureen Enns
"It has taken me 10 years to create this body of work. Since the publication of my book, Wild Horses, Wild Wolves in 2013, I have continued to document the re-wilding of the equine species in the Ghost Forest of Alberta. My drawings boldly reflect the wild and the free in the horses and their incredible pride reminiscent of images of First Nations peoples at the beginning of the 20th century. My paintings have a utopian quality, reflecting upon a positive future for the Ghost wild horses and their wolves." Maureen Enns

About Face - Shelagh Cherak
"This new series inspired by the Calgary Stampede is called About Face and it deals with “The Gaze”, a term which was popularized by Jacques Lacan. In About Face the figures are viewed from behind and each was captured without the knowledge that he or she was being studied and thus they were not the ones experiencing “The Gaze”. It is the viewer who may experience psychological unease or “The Gaze” because it is the viewer who is watching someone’s private moment. The About Face figures are also as much about body language. It is a similar concept to the old belief that body and mind do not work in unison. The About Face figures use one’s body language including body shape, gestures, and attire and how they can all reflect one’s inner being and personality without showing their facial features. This unique view of being captured from behind fills in visual blanks unbeknownst to the subjects." Shelagh Cherak

In our Canmore Gallery (map): Ballachey's Back in Canmore
Barbara Ballachey
April 11th to May 24th
Opening Reception:
No opening reception

If you missed Barbara Ballachey's exhibition at The Edge Gallery - Calgary, here is your opportunity to see her work in Canmore!